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Chemo Round 2 so it's the same but it's technically Round 1 so it's not...

Funny how that works! Turns out that "Round 1" of radiation and chemo that I did from April - June was like a neutral treatment round? More on that later. Regardless of what round it's called, my post radiation/chemo checkin went well yesterday! I had an MRI Monday evening and those scans were all stable which means "good, no cancer has grown in the last month." This was expected but still good to hear lol. SO the plan now is to start my first round of 5 days of Temodar chemo pills every 28 days, with monthly doc visits and bimonthly MRIs for at least 6 months, possibly 12 months if my body is up to it 🤘. The Temodar is double the dose I was on when I was doing radiation, but I didn't experience any terrible side effects so we're not anticipating anything too intense with these subsequent rounds. hopefully! Celebration doesn't really feel like the right word since I still have brain cancer and everything is so expensive and terrifying! But I'm glad everything is going "according to plan" so far. As much as surprise brain tumors can go according to any plan. Lets jump out of this spiral before it goes too far! Shout out to my friends who are much quicker to celebrate good news than I am when I sent a few mass texts. I am grateful for your joy! And here's a picture of some them! We went to a Savannah Bananas baseball game in Buffalo last weekend.

This is a pic of my latest haircut in an effort to blend my bald spot into an intentional cut.

and THIS is a gentle reminder of my GoFundMe because those bills are starting to trickle in and they DO be expensive still! USA! USA! love yall!

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You've got this ATD!!!

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