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hiiiiii besties! WE FRIGGEN DID IT. Round 1 of chemo & radiation is done TODAY. It is also Taylor Swift's 100th Eras Tour show and her half-birthday. Incredible vibes all around. Cannot believe this journey started 33 days ago and my GoFundMe absolutely blew up with support. Could not have done it without yalls kindness and generosity, ima just keep saying it. Basically, I’m just off everything for a month cause they wait for swelling to go down and what not. An MRI and other follow ups are scheduled for July 8 & July 9, then we’ll prob start up the Temodar / chemo pill rounds the following week which are double the dose I was doing previously. But I handled it so well that my oncologist says the next rounds shouldnt be toooo bad. He also cleared me to get a tattoo lets fuck goooo bro. I'm very much looking forward to enjoying a month off from going to Roswell and doing any sort of cancer-related treatment. And so0o very excited to chill the fuck out for a sec. Who wants to haAAAANG!

When I left radiation today they asked me if I wanted to keep my mask and I was like hell yea. This is what they strapped my head into every day on the table to make sure they were blasting lasers into the same spot in my brain. If you have any ideas on how to make this ~art~ lemme know.

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