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In Their Words is by the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation and UPMC Central Pa. It features patient stories, expert insights, and community impact in inspiring interviews.

I host this program.

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I was contracted by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to record a limited-run series of audio articles in 2019.


Discussions with the Doc is a healthcare podcast brought to you by Coffee Regional Medical Center in Douglas, Georgia. Each episode features a healthcare professional covering key health-related topics relevant to our rural health and our community.

Through my work with DoctorPodcasting, I host, engineer, and edit these episodes.

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I was contracted by GE Healthcare to host & produce a limited-run podcast to help physicians harness the power of ECG technology to
provide better diagnoses and treatments for patients.

Bonus I also edited these shows!


I was invited back in July 2022 to the daily talk show Connections with Evan Dawson (at my old job at WXXI News) to discuss leaving and moving back to your hometown, something I've done many, many times.


This was mostly for fun but it was a great conversation about all the things I love about Western New York, where I currently live once again! 


Hally Healthcast is a monthly podcast focused on health and wellness. presented by Health Alliance™. Each episode explores a different topic with a medical expert, answering common questions, and probing popular myths.

Through my work with DoctorPodcasting, I host, engineer, and edit these episodes.


Since starting in 2019, I have been a host for a number of episodes for dozens of hospitals across the US - with topics ranging from women's health and OB/GYN care, to bariatric surgery and Coronary Calcium Scoring. You can listen to some of my favorite episodes below!

Bonus I also edited these shows!

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