Caitlin Whyte is a current audio producer, former news reporter and millennial! making! podcasts!

Her love of audio and sound started early, majoring in Audio / Radio Production & Broadcast Management at SUNY Plattsburgh in Northern New York. This passion brought her to Western Alaska, where she worked as a morning show host for KNOM Radio, and most recently back home to WXXI News where she was the Weekend Edition Host and reporter for three years.



But if you couldn't tell, Caitlin likes to be mobile and moving, having lived in her hometown of Rochester, New York, the Adirondacks, New York City, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, and now Buffalo, New York within the last decade. 

When not recording from her spare closet turned vocal booth, Caitlin is most likely doing one of the following: embroidering, doing Yoga with Adriene videos, being the oldest person in a mosh pit (pre-pandemic), listening to podcasts hosted by drag queens, or trying to master rollerskating tricks from TikTok.

“Punk teaches the same inversion of power as the Gospel, you learn that the coolest thing about having a microphone is turning it away from your own mouth.” - Julien Baker