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How To Have A Zen Dog is a podcast by Gordon Fontaine of Zen Dog Training in Somerville, MA. He explores the Zen Dog Way of training people and the dogs they love, explains how their approach is Zen and helps dog owners understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. 

Gordon hired me in February 2022 to produce & edit his podcast, as well as help with host coaching.


Bonus, I also co-host!

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Owl Have You Know is a podcast from Rice Business School, created to share the experiences of alumni, faculty, students, and other members of their business community – real stories of belonging, failing, rebounding, and, ultimately, succeeding.


Through my work with Alumni FM, I engineer, produce and edit these episodes.

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“I Am a Rural Teacher” is a project from the Rural Schools Collaborative

Their team had been traveling around the country to visit and document the lives of rural teachers with photos and videos. But when COVID-19 hit, that project had to go virtual. 


I was brought on in September 2020 as a podcast producer/audio consultant to help bring this initiative into an audio format. I then managed the workflow and timeline needed to produce each episode, taught the host narration and podcasting techniques, wrote scripts, as well as mixed and edited episodes 1-6.