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Finding Fire Island is a limited series that brings to life how a sleepy, 19th century beach town became a modern day queer mecca for artists and the New York City theater community.


I was brought on to help launch, edit, produce and sound design this series.

Nominated for 2024 GLAAD Media Award - Outstanding Podcast!

Presented by: Broadway Podcast Network


Build Your Own Fairytale is a podcast for women who aren’t willing to settle and want MORE. More of the magic that life has to offer to make life the fairytale – or better – we are dreaming of.

I was brought on in September 2022 by host Kristen Lettini to help edit and mix episodes (starting with ep 41).


Transition of Style is a podcast about gender expression and style, how they meet, and how queer leaders are disrupting the fashion system as we know it.

I was brought on to edit & produce these episodes

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RosePod: Classes to Careers is a thought-provoking and inspiring podcast from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Join student hosts Isaac & Reese as they delve into topics such as choosing the right major,  and uncovering hidden opportunities within the world of STEM.

Through my work with I engineer, produce and edit these episodes.

From HU2u (3000 × 300 px) (3000 × 3000 px).png

HU2U is a podcast from Howard University, bringing today's important topics and stories from Howard University right to you.

Through my work with I engineer, produce and edit these episodes.


Love’s A Pitch is a dating podcast where people in the LGBTQ community put themselves out there in hopes of finding whatever it is they’re looking for, hosted by comedian Carolyn Bergier.


I helped launch this podcast as well as booked guests, produced and edited.


Midd Moment is a podcast of ideas with Middlebury College’s leaders: independent thinkers who create community. Hosted by Laurie Patton, president of Middlebury and professor of religion.

Through my work with I engineer, produce and edit these episodes, starting at Season 3.

hit sub.webp

Hit Subscribe is a subscription e-commerce podcast by ReCharge Payments. Hosts chat with founders, CEOs and top executives about their subscription e-commerce experience, the highs and lows of running their business, the tips they use to grow their brand and more!


I was brought on in March 2023 to help launch & edit Season 4.


ANA Investigates is a podcast from the American Neurological Association, covering the latest in neurology and neuroscience, each month.

I was brought on in May 2023 to produce, engineer, edit and mix episodes.


The Word on Campus wants to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the best university podcasts are made. 

Host Robert Li, co-founder and owner of University FM, chats with other hosts, producers and marketing teams from all kinds of shows,  as they walk through parts of their process, and share how they overcame hurdles unique to the higher ed world.


Through my work with, I engineer, produce and edit these episodes.


The Eccles Business Buzz Podcast shares alumni stories, perspectives, and voices on topics that are driving conversations around the globe and within their school today. 

Through my work with, I engineer, produce, edit and write show notes.

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Owl Have You Know is a podcast from Rice Business School, created to share the experiences of alumni, faculty, students, and other members of their business community – real stories of belonging, failing, rebounding, and, ultimately, succeeding.


Through my work with, I engineer, produce and edit these episodes.

Received a 2023 Communicator Award of Excellence by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts for Podcasts: Individual Episodes - Business

IAART-Podcast-Logo-Full (1).png

I Am a Rural Teacher is a project from the Rural Schools Collaborative. ​Their team had been traveling around the country to document the lives of rural teachers with photos and videos. But when COVID-19 hit, that project had to go virtual. 


I was brought on in September 2020 as an audio consultant to help bring this initiative into an audio format. I then managed the workflow and timeline needed to produce each episode, taught the host narration and podcasting techniques, wrote scripts, as well as mixed and edited episodes 1-6.


The Leeds Business Insights podcast offers a cutting-edge perspective of trending topics, along with actionable insights, to help you navigate the evolving world of business.

Through my work with, I produce and edit these episodes.


My Finest Work talks to artists about their favorite projects to help understand what makes a Magnum Opus and what everyone can learn from that process.

Through my work with, I produce, engineer and edit these episodes.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 9.38.32 AM.png

unSILOed with Greg LaBlanc is a series of interdisciplinary conversations that inspire new ways of thinking about our world.


I was brought on in August of 2021 after joining the team at to produced, edited, and wrote show notes for this podcast (starting at ep 40 and ending with ep 208).

Josie and the Podcast is hosted by Dr. Josie Ahlquist - a digital leadership author, researcher, and speaker. She connects tech and leadership in education. All through the lens of social media and leadership.

Through my work with I engineer, produce and edit these episodes.


The Sustainability at Haas mini series, is a 5 part podcast looking at how the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business is shaping the next generation of sustainable business leaders.


Through my work at I engineered, produced, edited, coached hosts and wrote show notes for this podcast.

FINAL ART (1).png

How To Have A Zen Dog is a podcast by Gordon Fontaine of Zen Dog Training in Somerville, MA. He explores the Zen Dog Way of training people and the dogs they love, and helps dog owners understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. 

Gordon hired me in February 2022 to produce & edit his podcast, & coach him as host. Bonus, I also co-hosted!


Feed The Queue is the ultimate podcast discovery podcast! Lauren Passell (Tink Media, Podcast the Newsletter) & Adela Mizrachi (Podcast Brunch Club) do the listening for you and then drop an episode of their favorite shows into this feed. 

Through my work with, I produced and edited Season 1.

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