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Other RadioMD Podcasts

As a Content Production Manager at RadioMD - I also book guests, manage host schedules and studio time, write show notes, update webpages as well as edit and upload for a number of shows including:

- The Dr. Taz Show

- HER Podcast with Dr. Pamela Peeke

- Mindful Medicine with Dr. Holly Lucille

- Wellness For Life with Dr. Susanne Bennett
- YOU The Owner's Manual Podcast with Dr. Michael Roizen
Dr. Ward Bond's Life Changing Wellness

- Healthy Children


Good To Be Home

Good To Be Home was a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety, and how Russ and Mika Perry balance their businesses and life.

I produced, edited and wrote show notes for episodes 7 - 63,


Below are a few examples of my favorite episodes: