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It can be intimidating diving into the world of podcasting for the first time. With 10+ years of experience in commercial & public radio, on-air anchoring & hosting, and audio editing & producing, I’ll be right by your side throughout the process!


Services are offered a la carte based on your needs, but most basic packages include the following:


  • Comprehensive audio editing

    • Adding music / intros / outros, editing for content and clarity (eliminating unnecessary umms & uhhs), and audio restoration. 

  • Setting up hosting platforms & feeds (Apple, Spotify, etc) 

  • Personalized Google Drive Folders & Production Sheets for intuitive communication

  • Guidance in initial tech

    • What gear to get, mic setup, studio connection

  • Producing an engaging trailer for your show

  • Draft outline or script for episodes


Additional add-ons include:

  • Writing show notes

  • Creating graphics for episode promotion & social media

  • One-on-one mindful host coaching sessions 

  • Creating sound bytes or “audiograms” for promotional use

  • Posting audio to YouTube

  • Guest sourcing and booking 

  • Equipment checks & prep with guests

  • Live session engineering & recording

  • Feel free to ask about additional assistance you may need that's not listed here!

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