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Shake It Off

1 week of treatment down, 5 to go!

This has been a really intense few months but the last few days have been such a whirlwind??!!?!?!? This GoFundMe hasn't even been up for a full week and has almost 300 donations????? Be serious.

It's been so nice to be overwhelmed & crying happy tears for the first time in weeeeks y'all. All this kindness is too much! But it really does feel like the first time in a while that Bill and I have been able to take a breath and feel some version of relief.

Between the monetary donations, sharing the GoFundMe link and just the texts and social media posts filled with love and stupid memories, I cannot thank y'all enough. Shout out to the people who I haven't talked to in years or who don't even know me donating & sharing too????? oh my god????? 

Anyways for those wondering about my actual health journey thus far :

- I had my last post-op appointment with my surgery team this week! All healed and recovered from my craniotomy in March. It feels sooo great to have one segment of follow-ups done with. 

- 5 days of radiation treatments and a few days of chemo pills (Temodar) are under my belt and in my system. So far I don't feel much different and hoping that lasts!

- 33 [business days] of radiation is scheduled to wrap up on June 13th which feels very good to me since we allllll know that 13 is Taylors lucky number.

And if you're in the Buffalo, NY area, we have a few yoga classes & a sound bath coming up this summer that will also be fundraisers as well, stay tuned or follow @studio_crashers on Instagram for more info on those! 

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