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Ohhh We're Halfway There

*DJ Khaled voice * Anotha one...

When this ~treatment journey~ started, it was right around the time the Bon Jovi 4 part docu-series came out on Hulu, which became a nightly watch for our now 3 person home (Bill, me, and my mom) Maybe it was the big stadium anthems, or being in an incredibly vulnerable and tender space, but that Jonathan really inspired me actually lmao. That man stays singing big songs even after Long Covid and his voice deteriorating in real time.

Adjusting to a life with a chronic illness / cancer has absolutely upended my entire routine and sense of normalcy. My boyfriend Bill's too. But as we learn to go with the flow and relinquish control, we're beginning to feel more and more grounded again. Whatever that's supposed to mean in this life.

My hair has stuck around for the most part still! I actually went and got a bang trim with my regular hairdresser. Again, normalcy is key. I've never had hair this short and it's patchy and strange and buzzed in weird places where my craniotomy incision was but ITS THERE and I have my bangs and it feels like mine.

ANYWAYS in other "people are so kind and I am humbled by the experience of community" news: One of my favorite tattoo artists Plain Jane Tattoo Co is doing a Taylor Swift Flash Tatttoo Day on June 23rd to help raise money for my treatment! Jane is so impossibly talented, and I'm always in awe of her work and how much time & fundraising she does for her community & causes that are important to her through her tattooing. She drew up these designs based on my fav taylor songs!!! She's based out of Albany, NY so if you're going to be in the NY Capital Region in a few weeks, grab a spot with her! Shout out to Swifties!!!!!!!! Follow plainjane on instagram here.

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May 24

Love you bbbbb!!!!!

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