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Cause I'm a real tough kid, I can handle my shit

My girl Taylor knows how to write an anthem for overachievers / endest daughters amirite? Trying to work full time (even from home) while balancing daily radiation treatments, chemo, and all of the other appointments and fatigue that come with Cancer Treatment is a hilarious battle. Hilarious because you'd think I'd be able to focus on rest and recovery but nah, I'm out here working a full-time job and like 4 side projects because America, Capitalism, a broken healthcare system, etc etc. This 4th week of radiation has me hitting a wall. Physically, I'm starting to feel some effects. Starting to feel the fatigue the doctors have been telling me to expect. My hair is falling out in clumps at the radiation site, butso far isn't too noticeable style-wise. I'm kinda thinking about pulling a Maggie Rogers anyway so maybe its about that time. It's wild to look down at the drain after a shower and be like anything left up top lol. But hey 20/33 radiation days are done lets fuckin gooooOOOO. Had a couple of midway check ins with doctors yesterday May 23rd and all seems to be going according to plan so far! I've also started to feel a bit rundown just in general, my skin is starting to dry out and itch where they zap me. I also got a dental crown earlier this week and have been hit with a summer head cold at the same time. AND it's hot out now!!!! So we're feeling grumpy and stuffed up this week.

In other news, my GoFundMe is still open if you have the means to donate or want to throw it on your socials! And if you find yourself in Buffalo, NY in the next few weeks, we have a sound bath coming up on Wednesday, June 26th at Evolation Yoga, and a Spin Class on Wednesday, July 3rd at Spark Fitness where proceeds will be going to my treatment fundraising. Reach out to Jamal at @studio_crashers on instagram for more information or to sign up!

The Yogi and fitness community here in Buffalo is so so kind, I can't think about it too much or I'll just collapse. Earlier this week, the lovely Elaina from Calm Coalition taught a Taylor Swift Themed Yoga class over at Stretch'd Out Buffalo's space that raised over $350 for my GoFundMe! I LOVE YALL

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